Turner Sink – January 4-6, 2008 – The Push for Indian

WKPP – Turner Sink – January 4-6, 2008


The Push for Indian

The WKPP’s goal of linking the newly established Wakulla-Leon Sinks Cave System to Indian Springs kicked into high gear on January 5, 2008 as WKPP explorers Mark Garland, David Rhea and John Rose pushed the newly discovered downstream spring tunnel east towards Indian. For more than 17 years, Indian Springs has remained the mystery in the middle; a remarkable cave system and the location of an unexplainable collapse in 1992 that claimed the life of WKPP founder and project director Parker Turner. Solving the mystery of Indian Springs once and for all is deeply personal to many within the WKPP, not only in the quest to link all the WKP cave systems but to discover what Parker and Bill Gavin had been searching for on that fateful November day in 1992. The goal was an option once again with the discovery of the spring tunnel 7,000ft downstream of Turner Sink. As a result of the dye tracing work done by GUE and Todd Kincaid, Indian was proven to be a water “hub” of sorts with multiple sections siphoning water away from the main cave system to Wakulla-Leon Sinks and Sally Ward in addition to multiple sources feeding water to the cave system including Ames Sink and conduits beneath the Tallahassee Spray Field.