November 21-22, 2003, Wakulla

WKPP – November 21-22, 2003



Friday, 21 November 2003
Objective: Decompression setup and gear prep

FGS Flow Meter
FGS flow meter

We had a good turnout on Friday and an eager group made short work of placing the sixty plus assorted deco bottles, deco harnesses, food and drink caches. Todd Leonard and Mark Garland handled the deep gas and trough inspections, while Mike Blitch gave a quick lesson on how to swim carrying three times your body weight in assorted hardware. It was good to have Jim Greenlee back from sabbatical; his experience and leadership were indispensable. Mark Messersmith stood in for Curtis in managing equipment logistics on the beach while Matt Levin and new team member Rob Alexander oversaw bottle placement. Special thanks go to the Extreme Exposure team for their hard work leading up to the weekend; their efforts included filling 70+ cylinders for the gas teams and making a last minute delivery of an additional six safety cylinders with the correct valves on Saturday morning. Thanks also to David Rhea for his dedication in taking time to capture some much needed support photos. David’s donation of time and the use of his expensive camera equipment are an invaluable WKPP resource.

During the many hours of preparation for Saturday’s diving activity, WKPP and GUE representatives met with Department of Environmental Protection Secretary David Struhs and his senior staff; the briefing involved research activities and updates on Woodville Karst Plain flow dynamics. The group indicated being impressed with the capacity and dedication of this volunteer group. In addition to Wakulla Springs operations, the WKPP managed to find the time and resources necessary to support the Black Creek