June 4-6, 2004

WKPP Update: June 4-6, 2004



We had a tremendous outing this past weekend despite the hot weather and the off-road vehicle challenges. Everyone stepped up, delivered, and confirmed the WKPP’s ability to operate effectively and safely throughout multiple sites within the WKP. The bulk of the setup work is now complete for the Ames Sink dye trace. While the area saw close to 5+ inches of rain over the past week, conditions are much improved and could possibly remain favorable given the low water levels and drought conditions. The trace is currently postponed, interestingly enough, due to not enough rain, so we will wait and see over the next few weeks. Pencil in June 25-27 for the next team outing.

Honorable mention, this past week, must go to Walter Gordon and Curtis Baldwin. Walter went above and beyond Friday and Saturday and did a tremendous job assisting all the teams at multiple sites. Always impressive, Curtis assisted with moving equipment, and in some cases people, in and out of Cheryl Sink. The one handed Gavin Scooter removal impressed even the most seasoned WKPP team members. Also, thanks to Gene Hobbs and Brian Armstrong for surface support, and Doppler sampling at Cheryl Sink, James McClean for negotiating the thick brush and pinpointing the cave radio signal E-SE of Emerald Sink, and David Rhea for vehicle extraction and trail clearing with the Hummer. For future reference:

Bjarne – don’t let off the gas when driving through mud
Mark – don’t follow to close to Bjarne, see advice for Bjarne and carry extra keys for your vehicle (preferably not in your vehicle)
Casey – don’t rely on memory from 10 years ago to locate sinkhole trails in the woods
David – keep driving the Hummer and bring extra tow straps


Sally Ward